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      • Being monopoly
      • High competence in expanding sales
      • Large, well-knitted network of company owned and franchise stores
      • Heavy advertising
      • Elasticity of investment
      • Establish a strong capital base
      • Tax incentives
      • Hiring quality staff
      • Higher compensation packages and benefits that attract the most-talented employees
      • New staff orientation
      • Staff training
      • Long-term customer relationships
      Work environment
      • Location advantages
      • Marketing campaign with clear goals and strategies
      • Focused and aggressive marketing campaign
      • Reliability
      • Running social projects
      • Adept at capturing and retaining knowledge capital even when key employees leave
      • Quickly get systems and procedures in place as the company is growing
      • Organization, not just the leadership, understands how the company will grow in the future
      • Organization understands the impact that staff satisfaction has on the company’s profitability
      • Good crisis management
      • Competency in forecasting problem areas before they surface
      • Competency in diagnosing the real problems or obstacles to growth
      • Ahead of schedule in getting new products/services to market
      • Strong product/service differentiation in market
      • Flexibility to innovate, create new products, services
      • Fast shipment for online purchases
      • Have own delivery system
      • Large product range
      • Foreign markets
      • Emerging markets
      • Doing business for government
      • New distribution channels
      • Ability to extend to new geographical area
      • Import and export
      • A company expansion or acquisition
      • To import raw materials overseas for cheaper prices
      • New packaging systems
      • Initial public offering
      • To have automated production management
      • Changing customer tastes
      • Change in population age (new investment opportunities due to demographic change)
      • Consumer awareness
      Work environment
      • Development in infrastructure
      • Technological advances
      • Viral advertising
      • Getting more aware of big data analysis
      • Competitors slow to adapt to new technologies
      • New strategic alliances
      • Ability to move to better strategic group
      • Local and global events
      • Possibility of outsourcing administrative details so more time can be
      • spent designing/making
      • Making good use of mobile technologies
      • Widen products’ accessibility
      • Start producing complementary goods
      • Price-sensitive sector
      • High prices compared to competitors
      • Government regulations and policies
      • Intense competition
      • New in market
      • Lack of political peace and stability
      • Low profit margins
      • The size and scale of the company’s global business
      • Limited resources
      • Delicate supply chain
      • Underutilization of capacity
      • Lack of infrastructure facilities
      • Damaged reputation
      Work environment
      • Lack of support from field
      • Environmental impacts (of production shipment etc.)
      • Morphological and climate difficulties
      • Light marketplace awareness
      • Poor strategic alliances
      • Lack of agreement/focus on key initiatives
      • Inexperience working with channel partners
      • Corruption
      • Poor design development
      • Gaps in coordination
      • Inadequate attention to research and development
      • Lack of quality consciousness
      • Product portfolio depth
      • Lack strong worldwide service and support channels
      • Poor quality of goods and services
      • Products used fraudulently
      • Undiversified product portfolio
      • Economic depression/recession
      • Price wars with competitors
      • A competitor has a new, innovative product or service
      • Competitors have superior access to channels of distribution
      • Future demand
      • Seasonality (i.e. post-Christmas)
      • Protectionist legal regulations in some destination countries
      • International tension, embargo, blockages
      • Stagnation
      • Production restrictions
      • Closing of geographic markets
      • Competitor monopoly or oligopoly
      • Loss of alliances and partners
      • Loss of key contracts
      • Taxation is introduced on your product or service
      • Price inflation/deflation
      • Increasing raw material cost
      • Key staff leaving
      • Union movements
      • Protest movements against company (demonstrations, boycotts...etc.)
      • Losing old customers by diverting resources to new products
      Work environment
      • Climate changes (e.g. global warming)
      • Niche brands gain favor
      • Negative publicity
      • Trademark infringement
      • Comparative advertising
      • Tech/patent theft
      • Plagiarism
      • Growing of substitute goods or services
      • Decline in goods/services quality
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